Compiling detailed individual object data forms the basis for tapping the potential and value of works of art, antiques, collections, and other cultural assets. Taking inventory creates a systematic overview and provides you with detailed data on every individual object. In collaboration with museology-trained experts and specialists, TaxArte collects all relevant data on works of art, antiques, collection objects, and estates. Here, TaxArte exclusively uses a professional and highly user-friendly museum software program.


Digital or printed catalogs are structured compilations of all relevant data relating to your item or collection. Especially when it comes to obtaining insurance for your objects or collection, a catalog of holdings, together with a museological appraisal, is a crucial prerequisite. The digital catalog of holdings produced by TaxArte allows for the retrieval of filtered information for internal use as well as the production of a magnificent art catalog presenting your collection.


Documentations produced by TaxArte comprise listings of reproductions and publications in various media. The integration of this data into your digital collection database not only raises the value of your collection on the level of communication, but also bears considerable influence on its museological evaluation.


Situations involving the change of owners, a case of damage or collateral pledged to a bank frequently make it necessary to conduct various research or verify existing records and documents relating to art objects. For investment-oriented collectors as well as for museums, insurers, and banks the certified provenance of objects is a crucial prerequisite. The principle of provenance comprises a highly differentiated array of instruments that provides reliable information on provenance, authenticity, damages, and past i.e. current ownership and property relations. When it comes to object-related research, TaxArte draws on cooperation with noted expert scientists, institutes, museums, and international organizations.


Based on the significance of your object with regard to art and cultural history, TaxArte’s appraisal process takes into account museological criteria, auction results, as well as current studio sale and market prices. TaxArte’s museological appraisals are recognized by insurance companies, banks, as well as public-sector organizations and institutions. TaxArte also provides damage survey reports and handles insurance claims on your behalf.


TaxArte defines curation as a harmonious interplay of the traditional concept of the curator and the contemporary demands in this area of expertise. Including your objects in important exhibitions on loan or an exhibition of your collection that attracts attention from the media and public not only fosters goal-oriented communication, it also increases the value of your objects or your collection. TaxArte organizes and professionally handles cross-border loaning of exhibits, nail to nail. We also accompany and monitor the transport of your objects. TaxArte’s staff members and cooperation partners are proven experts in the fields of expertise involved here.


It takes a refined communication strategy to insert individual objects and collections into local, national, or international communication in a targeted fashion. In cooperation with noted curators, experts, scholars, media, and journalists, TaxArte places your object, your collection or yourself and your good name as a collector at the focus of public reception and communication.


The building of a collection, a change of owner, asset restructuring, the planning of estates or inheritance disputes often require highly specific and individual solutions. On the basis of TaxArte’s in-depth assessment of value limits i.e. appraisals of your art objects, we moderate and conduct, together with renowned experts in international art, inheritance, and tax legislation, talks with all the parties involved – together with you or discretely on your behalf.


Of course, we are also pleased to exclusively provide you with advisory and consulting services. Our excellent international contacts with museums, galleries, collectors, foundations, international trustee banks, art investment funds, noted corporate collections, institutions, and universities enable us to offer targeted, competent, and professional advice across all the modules in our service portfolio.


In keeping with the modular structure of TaxArte’s service portfolio, we calculate fees for individual services on the basis of daily rates. Accordingly, when it comes to fees for complex tasks and achieving special objectives, we distinguish between daily rates, external services, fees, and expenses. Together with you, we draw up transparent and service-based project and contract budgets.


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