TaxArteCollections will present collector personalities and their collections in a new editorial section on its website. It will regularly shine a light on the complex intentions of international collectors.

Museum, corporate, and private collections preserve and present artifacts as testimony and products of cultural, historical, and artistic developments from around the globe. As complex as the intentions behind the founding of a collection may be, they invariably provide the starting point for an individual examination of and reflection on collection objects and their cultural context.  

TaxArte’s range of museum services is not only aimed at supporting the systematic building and sustainable preservation of objects and collections, its presentation of interesting and outstanding collections is also designed to foster the founding of and dialog on new collections. 

As a modern service provider, TaxArteCollections will, thus, offer a platform for both the traditionally important areas of collections as well as those emerging from our present moment and its zeitgeist.

Art, artisan craftwork, fashion, architecture, music, design, lifestyle, sports, nature, technology, history, literature, archaeology, and science, all these form a cultural patchwork, as it were, as parts of an international cooperation of societies and cultures. Above all, they are the sum parts of a significant whole: The international communication and respectful dialog between people and their cultures.

In order to give visibility to this process, TaxArte is inviting collectors to join in an editorial process that enables us to create an online presentation of their collections, motives, and activities. If you are a collector and are interested in joining us in this project, please send us your contact data and a brief description of your collection at We will be pleased to contact you to discuss further details.

Here's to an online exhibition dedicated to the ideas and endeavors that make the art world tick and contribute to that significant whole that is a very special form of dialog.

TaxArte respect your privacy and will never share your personal data with third parties without your prior consent. For further details please consult our Terms and Conditions!